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Our full range of services are aimed at ensuring that your get the most from our services and remove from you the troubles of managing and monitoring the progress of your construction projects to enable you to concentrate on the most important aspects of your operations.   PALVER Builders offers the following services. You may choose specific services or allow us to manage the whole project from start to finish for maximum benefits:


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Due diligence

Our team can survey the side and conduct careful technical study to take into consideration all details prior to design preparation. Such aspects as utilities capacity, statutory requirements, building limitations, safety, among others are studied.

Design conceptualization

We can prepare the design according to your requirements. The designs are developed by our team of professional partners who take into account, not only the aesthetic aspect, but also our client’s whole operations to ensure that we provide the best environment that will guarantee smooth operations and traffic flow within establishment.

Statutory requirements

After approval of the initial design, we can prepare to meet the specific government registration requirements to ensure that the project’s implementation will not be hindered by existing stringent regulations. This will ensure that your project will not be delayed and be penalized.

Strategic partners

Our network of reputable and dependable suppliers and vendors that are pre-qualified to meet our high standards would ensure that the construction project is supplied with the best materials and services.

Security and risks

In developing and implementing the design, we consider the physical risk that may affect your operation and recommend mitigation plan. This would also involve ensuring that your business secrets are carefully protected to avoid further risks that would threaten your operations.

Physical safety

We consider all safety precautions during construction for the smooth implementation of the project. Such service starts from the time the actual construction begins up to the time when the project is done and the client is moving to the new facility.

Strategic scheduling

We plan each step and provide systematic schedule and workflows that ensure that all activities take place according to schedule. We also create fall-back and alternative plans for unexpected events.


We can prepare detailed budget based on your project’s specifications, or work with your budget with the aim of maximizing your resources through cost-saving initiatives.


Even after your transfer to the facility, we can provide maintenance and support service as we consider it a part of our services to document each project. Equipment manuals and warranties are also provided.